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Judgment Collections FAQs

1. I have a judgment against someone in another state, should I still contact your firm?

Absolutely, we collect on foreign judgments against individuals and businesses with assets in South Carolina through domesticating the foreign judgment into South Carolina, coordinating with judgment collection attorneys throughout the U.S. to seize assets outside of South Carolina, and a variety of other methods to help you collect.

2. I have a judgment against a business/person in South Carolina, but the business/person doesn’t reside or operate in South Carolina, can your firm help me collect?

Yes, in addition to domesticating a foreign judgment from another state into South Carolina, we take judgments in South Carolina and domesticate them into other states. Simply put, we have successfully taken judgments entered in South Carolina and collected on the debtor(s)’ assets in other states.

3. I don’t want to spend any more money to collect on a judgment that has already cost me legal fees and expenses; can your firm help?

Yes, one of the first steps we perform on behalf of our clients is to determine whether it is worth the time and money to pursue the judgment you hold against the debtor. Nobody wants to throw good money after bad and nobody understands that more than the law office of Aaron J. Angell. We are results oriented and always have been. If we believe we can’t help you, we aren’t going to waste your time and resources. No outcome can be guaranteed by any means, but starting with clear no-nonsense communication and maintain that level of candor ensures our clients interests are being met before our own.