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DUI Lawyer

Clemson DUI Attorney

DUI Attorney Aaron J Angell is here to serve you. It has been said that defending a DUI charge can be more complicated than defending a charge of murder.  Hiring a DUI attorney to represent you is a very serious decision and one that must be made carefully.

A DUI in South Carolina is a serious charge and carries a number of costly consequences if you are convicted.  A conviction will go on your permanent record and require payment of court fines, a minimum 6 months driver’s license suspension, SR-22 insurance, mandatory participation in an Alcohol/Drug Safety Program, and may ultimately cost you your job.

The severity of a DUI can have lasting negative effects. Put simply, you have too much to lose by walking into court without a DUI attorney.  If this is the first time you have been charged with a DUI, you need to speak to a competent DUI Attorney today.

Call Aaron Angell today to discuss your options.  Waiting too long to act can have harsh and lasting consequences.

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